Lightning Network Makes Bitcoin (BTC) Payments Faster And Cheaper – Here Are 4 Platforms That Support It

iDue to the increase in transactions and the congestion of the Bitcoin (BTC) network, Lightning Network was developed, a technology that allows you to use BTC as a cryptocurrency payment method instantly and at lower fees. Here you can see the best 4 platforms that have integrated this technology – OpenNode, GloBee, BTCPay, and CoinGate.


The Open Node cryptocurrency payments processor allows payments to be made with the Lightning network. This platform, launched last May, announced that its system “is designed for companies of all sizes and shapes.”

All out tools and features are built around the idea that using Bitcoin (BTC) should be easy and empowering for both merchants and customers alike.

Open Node Lightning Network platform

This platform is developed by, a company dedicated to Bitcoin (BTC) technology and ecosystem, based in Los Angeles, USA.

Via its website, points out that its work aims to “close the gap between BTC and the general public through the development of applications that focus on people and their daily lives.”


Another platform that allows payments through Lightning Network is GloBee, a global provider of cryptocurrency payments that enables you to accept or send payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), or Ethereum (ETH), among others.

Also, GloBee payments platform can be integrated into websites through WooCommerce, Magenta, OpenCart, and other services, which extends the reach of Lighting Network and can increase cryptocurrency adoption.


BTCpay, an alternative open source project to BitPay, also enabled the option to make payments with Lightning Network last March, as well as CoinGate, which stated that “this technology will eventually make Bitcoin (BTC) faster, lighter and more efficient.”

Lightning Network is a network that operates outside of Bitcoin (BTC) main blockchain and processes transactions through payment channels created between its nodes. As a result, transactions are made immediately and with minimal fees, opening up the possibility that BTC can be adopted as a payment method on a global scale.

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