Apple Warns iOS Fans About Jailbreak Risks

The reason why people jailbreak their iOS devices is because it gives them freedom to install whatever type of apps they want, even the apps that Apple doesn’t list on its official App Store. Not just that, but there are services such as Cydia which makes it possible for iPhone and iPad owners to install paid apps for free. With that said, it should come as no surprise that Apple is completely against jailbreaking tools and that it recently sent out a warning to jailbreak enthusiasts.

Jailbreak Risks

The Cupertino based tech-giant rolled out a new iOS update on June 16th and the update contained an unexpected surprise, a refreshed official support page. The support page now includes a document which tells iOS fans of all the risks that they are facing whenever they install jailbreak tools on their devices.

The most important risk that Apple warns iOS fans about is security vulnerabilities. Apple puts a high price on user security and it always provides iPhones and iPads with top-notch security. However, Apple is saying that these jailbreaking tools are helping hackers and malware steal personal information from iPhone and iPad owners.

OS Instability

Apple didn’t stop at security vulnerabilities and it also said that people who jailbreak their devices might have to deal with operating system instability. The support page is stating that Apple devices which are powered by a hacked iOS will drain battery life, freeze, alter data connections and even cause the OS to randomly crash.

From the looks of it, Apple is determined to get rid of the jailbreaking community. Usually, Apple simply patches all kernel exploits that hackers manage to find, but this time, Apple has decided to take the fight to the next level by warning everyone about what can happen to their devices after installing a jailbreak tool.

Henry R. Lares

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