Metro Exodus is the Best Half-Life 3 We Will Ever Get

Even though Half-Life 3 might not be coming out any time soon, Metro Exodus might be the perfect alternative for it. The folks at 4A Games who are in charge of the Metro franchise didn’t shy away from saying that Half-Life 2 was their main inspiration for the upcoming game and that we are going to see a bunch of similarities between the two titles.

Metro Exodus Half-Life 2 Inspiration

The developers are saying that they love what Valve did with the Half-Life franchise and they want their games to feature a similar fun adventure. The thing that 4A Games “took” from Half-Life 2 was the linear storytelling and cinematic presentations, something which Valve is known for. Nonetheless, Metro Exodus’s developers are saying that the game will bring “the era of the best single-player games in years”.

Open World Version of Half-Life 2

Truth be told, Metro Exodus is quite different from Half-life 2. The only similarity between the two games is that Metro Exodus seems to be an open world version of Half-Life 2. Even though Half-Life 2 might be a huge inspiration for Metro Exodus, 4A Games wanted to give fans a “unique” game and that’s why they designed their own never-seen before weapons.

Not just that, but Metro Exodus also introduced a map system which makes it easier for players to figure out where they need to go next, thus adding to the open world feel to the game. Metro Exodus features a map that is filled with icons and NPCs which are guiding players in their missions.

Although, players are the ones who get to decide if they want to follow the path set out by the developers or explore the world and figure it out by themselves. This kind of feature is what makes an open world game amazing.

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