TubeMate is Now Available on Windows – Here’s How to Install It

TubeMate is a world-renowned app that gives smartphone owners a way of never getting bored anymore. The way that TubeMate can do that is by letting smartphone owners download online videos. Yes, you read that right! People who chose to install TubeMate on their smartphone will be able to stock up their internal storage space with thousands of interesting and exciting online videos and then watch them while offline.

Android Exclusivity

On the downside of things, TubeMate is exclusive to the Android community. Considering that this app lets users download online videos, it should come as no surprise that its features go against the ToS (terms of service) of many online streaming platforms.

Therefore, the developers of TubeMate are not able to release it for multiple platforms. However, there is a special workaround which makes the highly popular app work on Microsoft’s Windows operating system and today we are going to show readers how to use the special workaround.

Installing TubeMate on Windows

Since TubeMate is an Android app, Windows users can still benefit from the services that it has to offer by using a third-party Android emulator. There are hundreds of emulators, but we advise Windows users to go with BlueStacks. The reason we are saying this is because BlueStacks has been proven to be able to run TubeMate on PCs.

Nonetheless, Windows users need to download and install BlueStacks on their PC. After doing this, head over to TubeMate’s official website and download the latest APK version of the app. All that’s left is to open BlueStacks and install the TubeMate APK. The app will now appear in Windows’s app try menu and Windows users will be able to download any online video that they want in a matter of seconds.

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