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Cydia Receives New Tweaks as CoolStar is Getting Ready to Launch iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak

As they are is getting closer to launching the highly anticipated Jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1, Cydia received a bunch of tweaks which are going to get jailbreak fans excited. We should also mention that Abraham Masri who is a known hacker from the jailbreak community has already released a Houdini semi jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1 which leads us to believe that the complete jailbreak tool will arrive sooner than expected.

New Cydia Tweaks

  • SilentRecorder;
  • Straw;
  • Trampoline;
  • SpringPlus 11;
  • Hapticlock is a free tweak that lets users feel the time via hatpic feedback;
  • FastDelete is another free jailbreak tweak that allows users to delete items via the backspace key;
  • FloatingDock is a free tweak that lets iPhone owners install the famous iPad dock style;
  • CountMyMessages is entirely free to use and as its name implies, it automatically counts the number of messages that the user has received in the Message app;
  • CallBlocker is a free and simple, yet effective tweak that makes it easier for users to block people from calling their number.

As we can clearly tell, Cydia is getting better and there’s no doubt about that. We can only imagine just how better iPhones are going to be after installing CoolStar’s upcoming Electra iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak.

Apple Warns Users of Jailbreak Risks

One of the most interesting things to happen during this past couple of days is the fact that Apple decided to update the official support page with a text that warns iOS users of jailbreak risks. Apple is obviously against jailbreak tools and it’s doing its best to convince people to avoid these tools.

The updated Apple support page is warning iOS users that if they choose to install a jailbreak tool, their iPhone will start consuming more battery charge than usual and that it will randomly crash the OS.

By Henry R. Lares

Henry Lares is still early into his career as tech reporter but has already had his work published in many major publications including Tech Crunch and the Huffington Post.  In regards to academics, Henry earned an engineering degree from Apex Technical School. Henry has a passion for emerging technology and covers upcoming products and breakthroughs in science and tech.

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