TubeMate 2.2.6 (725) Update Download Available with Improvements to the Core-Engine

TubeMate is one of the world’s most popular Android apps because of the features that it offers. The feature that makes TubeMate famous is its ability to download videos from websites that don’t have a “Download” button. Considering that TubeMate can take down videos from all types of online streaming platforms, we think it’s safe to say that TubeMate should be considered as a “must-have” app for all Android smartphones.

Even though TubeMate is a premium level app, the developers who are in charge of it are on a never-ending pursuit to improve it. TubeMate is constantly receiving new updates which include bug fixes, software tweaks and sometimes even new features! With that said, let’s check out what the latest TubeMate 2.2.6 (725) update has to bring.

TubeMate 2.2.6 (725) APK Update

As previously mentioned, a new update which sports the “2.2.6 (725)” version number has been made available for TubeMate fans. Although, the update is not going to be rolled out OTA (over the air) anytime soon since it is available only in the form of APK.

In case you didn’t know, APK is an acronym which stands for “Android Package Kit” and as the name implies, Android users are the only ones who get to install it. In addition, Android users are required to manually download the APK file from TubeMate’s website and install it themselves.

Improved Performance

Unfortunately, the new TubeMate APK doesn’t contain any features. However, this doesn’t mean that the update shouldn’t be a top priority because it does come with a handful of software tweaks that optimize TubeMate’s core-engine. Therefore, people who choose to install the new update will soon find out that TubeMate can download videos at faster speeds and the launch time has been significantly reduced.

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