Clash Royale Update – Top Three Troops That Everyone Must Have in Their Deck

There are many things that separate good players from great players, but the most important one is the decks they build. Having a strong deck is necessary to complete any mode in Clash Royale and players need to create decks that have cards which synergize with each other. The first thing Clash Royale players are required to know is that the game features three basic type of cards: spells, buildings and troops. Learning how to combine these cards will help players destroy any foe!

Today we are going to give Clash Royale a little help when it comes to creating strong decks. We will present the top troop cards that players need to get and to include them in their decks. In addition, this card guide is directed towards new players who want to get the upper hand on veterans.

Skeleton Army

What better way to start than with the Skeleton Army? This is a troop type of card and it’s essential to any Clash Royale deck. Skeleton Army is a low-cost mob that excels at wearing down enemies. On the downside though, this troop is weak against Princess Towers, King’s Tower and Arrows.

Ice Wizard

If you ask any Clash Royale veteran player what is the best card in the game they will tell you that it’s the Ice Wizard. The reason why the Ice Wizard is held in such a high regard is because it costs only three Elixir and it does lots of damage. Not just that, but the Ice Wizard is ideal for counter-pushes and stalling incoming attacks.

Hog Rider

The Hog Rider is the most popular card in the game and everyone has it in their deck. What’s great about the Hog Rider is that it’s available right from the very first Arena and newbies can get it without any effort. The Hog Rider costs four Elixir and it destroys enemy towers. However, the Hog Rider doesn’t attack enemy troops! Only buildings.

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