Facebook Like Beta Update Download Available for Overall Stability

Surveys are showing that Facebook is losing its popularity among teenagers. This was to be expected since Facebook has been around for quite a and everyone has a page, and as we all know it, teenagers hate it when their parents and older family member see what they post. In addition, Facebook has went through an entire scandal related to creating data profiles of users and then selling them to advertisers which also influenced people to leave the social media platform.

Although, there is no other social media platform that will ever compete with Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is making sure of this by constantly tasking his developer team to release new updates which improve Facebook’s overall performances. Not just that, but the Lite version of the app is receiving the same treatment.

Facebook Like beta Update

People who own mid-budget ranged smartphones and hate the fact that Facebook uses too much of their storage space and RAM power can download the Lite version of the app instead. Just like the original version, Facebook Lite ships with all the classic features that made Facebook famous, but it weighs in a lot less.

Nonetheless, Facebook Lite has just received a new update which sports the “ beta” version number. As we can clearly tell from the update’s version number, it is exclusive to beta testers. The update is packed with software optimization tweaks that improve Facebook Lite’s stability and beta testers can get their hands on it right now.

Facebook Beta Program

Even though the update might be exclusive to beta users, Facebook Lite fans should be happy to know that everyone can enlist in the program. Not just that, but the only thing they will need to do in return is send feedback to the developers.

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