Firefox vs. Chrome vs. Edge vs. Opera – The Best Web Browsers in 2018

Most users think that there is no other software as important as the web browser in our PCs. This opinion is caused by the fact that, when they are using their computer, most people spend their time on websites or apps.

Depending on your needs you could use Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. During the last months, all of them have gone through major updates like the so-called April 2018 Update. This means that as we speak you could be looking at improved versions of the mentioned browsers. To form an opinion, let’s see what their features are, in random order.

Mozilla Firefox

This browser is perfect for users who want greater privacy and extensibility. The updated version, Firefox 57, also known as Quantum, comes with a new design, refreshed icons and a new library where you will find all the history, downloads or synced tabs. In addition, it comes with an interesting screenshot tool.

Google Chrome

Currently, Chrome is the most popular, according to StatCounter and NetMarketShare chart metrics. It looks like people love the fact that it’s easy to use and that it focuses on the web content instead of the browser’s trimmings.

Chrome allows us to sync bookmarks, passwords or open tabs across devices like mobile, tablet or PC. Also, it comes with a built-in PDF viewer, a practical task manager, Google Translate function and more.


It was the users favorite before Chrome. It has the capacity to run many Chrome extensions, even one that allows people to install other extensions from the Web Store available on Chrome. Next to other practical features, recently, the browser received its own take on the social sidebar. This means that users can access WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram with one click.

Microsoft Edge

This browser is still developing. It has several shortcomings, but many helpful features that some people might find interesting. For example, it makes a webpage easy to clip, annotate and save to a notebook. This is possible thanks to the browser’s deep integration with Windows 10’s inking capabilities and with OneNote.

During the April 2018 update, the browser got some boosting features like the ability to fill forms automatically and mute tabs. The note-taking and e-book reading experience were improved with support for the narration in EPUB files characteristic.

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