Google Play Store Modded APK – How to Install Tutorial

There are many people who wish to use a modded version of Google Play Store out there. Those people are going to get happier, since you now can use a modded version of the Android, just as easy as you can do it for other apps from your device.

About the Modded version of Google Play Store

There’s one thing that you need to do first: root your Android smartphone. Next, you’ll find the complete guide on how to install and make the most out of the modded Google Play Store Apk

You need first to get the most recent version of the Lucky Patcher. After you’ve installed it, you have to open the app, open the Menu, and go to the Patch to Android option. From there, you need to choose the option of “Signature Verify Always True” and the “Disable Zip Signature Verify”. Then press Apply, then click Yes.

After you reboot your device, you should go to Patch to Android to see if everything’s all right at the Patch Applied option. After you pressed Apply, then Yes, you need to exit the app. But be careful, because if you don’t do it, you’ll need to repeat the 3rd step from the beginning.

Now, the next thing to do it back up the current Google Play Store. To do that, you need the help of an app called Titanium Backup. You can use it to get to the app to its original version.

Then, you need to download the modded Play Store and preferably move it to an SD card. If you’re on Android Gingerbread, rename it to Vending.apk. For ICS and JellyBean, the new name must be PhoneSky.apk.

Next, you need to open the Root Explorer, and copy and replace the new-named APK file to a folder address, that it “/system/app/”. The permission must also be set to “rw-r—r—“, and it should be done before you reboot the device.

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