Google VR Services 1.16.201071054 Update Download Available with Best Package Kit

One of the best things about owning Android powered smartphones is the massive number of apps that they have access to. App developers are always looking to create innovative apps such as Uber and Lyft which make the lives of consumers easier. However, Android users don’t need to rely only on third-party developers because Google is creating new apps and services every other day.

Google is always looking to improve its operating system with every new update and that’s why it keeps creating special apps such as Google VR Services. Talking about VR Services, we need to mention that the app has just received a brand-new update. With that said, let’s see what the new update is all about.

Google VR Services 1.16.201071054 Update

Just like the app’s name implies, Google VR Services serves the sole purpose of allowing Android powered smartphones to support VR content, apps and features. What makes Google VR Services special is the fact that it lets Android users view 360-degree (VR) videos and pictures directly through Google’s famous Cardboard headset which is known for being affordable.

Considering that Google VR Services plays a major role in the Android ecosystem, it should come as no surprise that Google is constantly releasing new updates for it. The new update sports the “1.16.201071054” build number and it’s available in the form of APK.

Android Package Kit

This latest Google VR Services update has yet to roll out OTA (over the air) because Google is still testing out a couple of software tweaks. Therefore, eager Android fans who want to get their hands on it ahead of everyone else can manually download and install the APK version of it. We should also mention that all Android fans who wish to install APK updates need to enable the “unknown sources” feature first.

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