OnePlus Will Work with U.S. Carriers to Launch its 5G Phone in 2019

With the release of its 5G smartphone planned for 2019, OnePlus is cooperating with U.S. carriers in order to increase sales in the country. It is expected that within the first year since the introduction of 5G in the U.S., the company will be one of the first to create a 5G phone for the market.

Carriers will help OnePlus to reach the U.S. market

Although OnePlus has its own group of fans in the U.S., the company’s products can be purchased only through its website. Knowing that they will never be able to conquer the American market with internet sales alone, the phone makers from China will collaborate with carriers to make their smartphones widely available.

Currently existing obstacles

Considering the fact that OnePlus’ phones are not available in carrier stores where they could be purchased through installment plans or carrier subsidies, the only way to buy them is by paying the full amount at once through the website. Even though the most recent phone, OnePlus 6 costs only about half of iPhone X’s $999 base price while having comparable specifications, its upfront pricing makes this phone less affordable.

Can OnePlus’ 5G phone be a hit?

The situation is expected to change drastically with the arrival of the new 5G phone, which will be available in carrier stores. Various plans will reduce the upfront price of the device, thus making it more affordable. In addition to that, the potential buyers will also have a chance to take a closer look at the phone before the purchase. Since OnePlus’ devices are using Qualcomm chips and it is known that they work just fine on GSM networks in Europe, they will definitely support any carrier in the U.S.

The first 5G phone of the Chinese company, which will most probably use a new Snapdragon X50 family modem, is expected to be launched in early 2019.

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