Skype Preview Update Download Available with Improved Performance

Skype is the world’s leading communication app and it has a massive user base to confirm that. The reason why Skype is so popular is because it makes it easier for people to get in touch with their friends and family members through cool features such as instant-text messaging, video/audio calls and group chats. Moreover, Skype is constantly evolving through new updates that introduce innovative features, software tweaks and bug fixes.

Skype Preview

As previously mentioned, Skype’s developers are on a never-ending pursuit to improve the communication app. Therefore, Skype receives new updates on a weekly basis and they all can be accessed through Skype Preview.

Skype Preview was designed to be downloaded by beta testers and third-party developers so that they can receive access to all the latest features ahead of everyone else. Nonetheless, Skype Preview is a special version of the app and everyone can download and install it on their smartphones in order to see what new features and software tweaks the public version will get in the nearby future.

Latest Skype Preview Update

Keeping in mind the fact that Skype Preview is designed for beta testers, no one should be surprised to find out that a brand-new update which sports the “” version number has arrived. The update is exclusive to Skype Preview users and it optimizes the app’s performance through software tweaks.

Improved Performance

The developers didn’t include too much information in the patch notes for the new update and the only thing that they mentioned is that it will improve Skype Preview’s overall performance. Therefore, Skype fans who want to get a version of the app that runs faster and is more efficient at executing tasks should consider getting Skype Preview.

Developer Feedback

Skype Preview is open to anyone who is willing to try it out and the only thing that users will need to do is to provide the developers with solid feedback which is going to help them improve the app further.

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