Top 4 Golden ICOs to Praise in July 2018

Recent events had led to the market dumping high volumes of Bitcoin three times already. What happened next, is that it each coin from the market has decreased so fast.

There are many big corporations which want to include blockchain technology in their business, including Starbucks. Overall, this means that the people are getting to know more and more what are the things that blockchain provides and how important it is for the transparency between a business and its clients.

We’ve written this article to talk about Top 4 Golden ICO’s Q2 that are going to be in the spotlight in 2018.

  1. Omnitude

Omnitude is the one to create a plugin which allows an e-commerce platform, be it any kind of e-commerce platform to include blockchain technology into their systems. The only problem that many companies have, is how they’re using the technology to their business without ruining the budget. That’s where Omnitude takes its place. Companies can use it without replacing the current systems, which are native to their network.

  1. Atlas Protocol

This one is meant to connect publishers, advertisers and users in a digital marketing that’s based on tokens. They’ll also bring Hitters Xu into the game, who is the founder of Nebula and who is going to sit at the board of advisors. It’s definitely something worth waiting for.

  1. DAOstack

DAOstack is made to construct a modular framework for governance which is based on blockchains. It supports an Internet-scale curation network. DAOstack wants to “make” a place where collective cand collaborate, coordinate, seek, and, why not, set up a business image that’s meant to show the goals and the values of the businesses.

  1. Kleros

This one is meant to create a system that could make proper decisions without any security concerns, or a fortune spent on. Someone who is the victim of injustice just has to make a smart contract, then choose Kleros to be their arbitrator, then pay a small fee in Ethereum.

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