New Details of Microsoft Surface 2018 Phone Unveiled

The leaks about a new Microsoft Surface Phone have not been giving us too many details on how this device powered by Andromeda OS would look like or function. However, a recent report sheds more light on this potentially exciting phone.

A phone that can be transformed into a laptop

According to a code discovered by PhoneArena, the Surface Phone may allow us to choose between five preset positions, thanks to its foldable design. This seems to confirm some of the older leaks which indicated that this device could be turned into a small laptop. However, based on the recent reports, it looks like the functionality of the Surface Phone could depend on its physical position. Compared to foldable devices running on Android, such as ZTE Axon M, this Microsoft phone would be much more advanced.

The features of the Surface Phone

Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not know anything about the influence of the Surface Phone’s foldable form on the device’s functionality. Still, the recent report mentions the phone’s chipset, which is likely to be Snapdragon 1000. Qualcomm’s goal while designing this chipset is to beat its rival Intel and some of the company’s best processors.

Just how good can the Surface Phone be?

With the launch of Windows 8 Phone, Microsoft has fallen way behind Google and Apple on the mobile devices’ market. The phone was criticized for its lack of app support at the level of Android and iOS. Considering the failure of the Windows 8 Phone, Microsoft has a lot to prove, especially if the new Andromeda OS will be a version of Windows 10.

A crucial factor could be the Snapdragon 1000 chipset, able to run UWP apps and providing app support for the new OS.

If the foldable design and the rumored specifications are indeed real, Microsoft’s Surface Phone could rival the best devices of Samsung and Apple, offering something unique at a reasonable price.

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