OnePlus’s Oxygenos Update Causes the Battery to Drain Faster

OnePlus six has already received more than two of its updates. When talking about the last one, we talk about OxygenOS, the 5.1.8 version. As incredible as it may sound, not many users could enjoy it, since it already presented a problem: the battery drains really fast. But do we know what’s causing this problem? Do we have a solution?

Ever since the phone got its OxygenOS update, people have started to complain about a usual increase in battery consumption. Many comments were left on the OnePlus forum. Few people tried to solve the problem themselves. For example, someone thought that the problem was the Cellphone signal reception, so they used another network provider, but that did not solve the issue. Clients stated that they needed to charge their phones two, even three times a day, even if they didn’t use it that much. They also said that in 5 hours, the battery was as low as 9%. Most of the clients complained that the battery didn’t have any problems before the update. It was after the OxygenOS 5.1.8 version that the issue started to make their appearances.

And it’s the same problem for several users, all after the download and install of this specific update. However, we have some great news, too – it did not affect all the updated units. But there are some users that stated that they have problems with the fingerprint reader, which became slow, and their device, that was overheating, all after the update.

Is there a solution to this?

The team behind the OnePlus is aware of all the problems and complaints, and it’s actually impossible, due to the messages from the social media and those left on the forum.

There is a solution at the moment, and that is to launch a new update which has the capacity needed to fix this bug.

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