Why Choosing a Slim Ultraportable Laptop is a Better Idea

In the century of speed, will you let you old laptop weigh you down? I will tell you the solution.

Nowadays, laptops are suitable for work and study, but also for entertainment and serve other purposes. They can provide everything you need of both worlds at your fingertips. But it comes with a huge package of adaptations. Throughout the years, laptops become slimmer. Because heavy laptops ruin transportability. And they are often relegated to indoors gadgets. In case you acquired your portable computer three years ago, it would weight 2.6 kilos. In contrast, a laptop weights now only 1.7 kg.

Make weight a priority concern when choosing a laptop, or more likely you will feel like bearing a great burden around. Consider taking a new model of laptop as they are thinner, so less demanding to hold. Also faster and more effective.

The good news is that latest laptops won’t claim more expenses than the older ones. If you take the lightweight Acer Swift 3 (18.9mm thickness), the quick AMD Ryzen 5 processor will able to deal with enormous tasks. It is also equipped with an extra large screen (15.6 inches) and Full HD. Ideal for late night movies or videos during a long voyage!

For the fans of gaming, Acer is coming with an integrated graphics chip. The 8GB of RAM will also make a huge difference to performance. It will allow you to buzz with several projects at a time when you are performing multi-tasking. Moreover, it will provide a substantial boost when you run programs as Word or Excel. The reason behind is the replacement of the standard hard drive with a more compact, quicker and lighter SSD storage.

In addition, surfing the internet will become faster and more rewarding with the New Microsoft Edge browser. As a matter of fact, internet will not run into problems anymore. If you are already tired of interrupted connexion, maybe it’s time to give a break to your old, slow computer. The Acer Swift 3 includes a AMD Ryzen processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage and battery lasts more than 10 hours. Get it now at Currys PC World for Ł599.

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