Fallout 5 to Be Focused on Single Player

As we all know, Bethesda Game Studios has received the Industry Legend award at the Gamelab’s event this year. After this, the executive producer was asked to do many interviews. In one of those endless interviews, he was asked whether there’s a possibility that multiplayer will make its appearance in all of the BGS games from now on. The executive producer, who is called Todd Howard, said that this is not in the plan, as for all of those games, they want to keep the single player. He also said that that’s their only focus right now. However, he also said that if there were any new social aspect, we’d find out as soon as possible. But until then, they have their own things to take care of.

Are they still using Gamebryo?

Howard, who is also the game designer and a very respected programmer, has dismissed the idea that Bethesda Game Studios would still be using the old engine. He said that the Gamebryo was not used in over a decade, and that there are other various parts that can be used instead of the engine. He talked about how every technology of the game improved. For example, Fallout 76 comes with a new renderer, a new landscape generation tool, even a new lighting system. Starfield will also get new changes, just as Elder Scrolls VI and many others will, too.

About Fallout 76

Fallout 76 will be released on the 14th of November, and its improvements start with the detection of an enemy AI. He said that every aspect should be better, from the graphics, to the controls, the enemy AI, the gunplay and the overlapping quests. They tried so many things with Fallout 4, that they know how to work to improve Fallout 76 adequately.

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