Fortnite Season 5 Battle Royale Release Date

Not long ago, Epic Games has revealed the release date of the 5th season of Fortnite: Battle Royale. It all happened on Reddit. They stated in a post that the 5th season would start on the 12th of July, at 4 AM EDT, 6 PM AET, 9 AM BST, 1 AM PDT. They’re also helping people to unlock the remaining Battle Pass rewards from the 4th season – they’re going to give double XP for the matches that will take place from the 29th of June till the 2nd of July.

There’s a new mode

When talking about the new season, we talk about a new mode for Fortnite, which is a part of the latest update, called the Playground LTM. It represents a private server that it’s meant for players to experiment on. It was designed to let games to jump in and improve some new strategies, or even sharpen the old ones. You can only have access if you’ve received an invitation, and if you do, you can do all of these things without having an enemy on your back.

In this latest update, we’ll also find Dual Pistols, the 4th part of the Blockbuster Event, map makers and the Builder Pro controller layout. Maybe even more. As of late, week nine challenges are also available.

Its popularity is still growing

It’s incredible that Fortnite kept its popularity after all these times, and we can all see the success in the physical copies of the games that are still selling in significant numbers. The disc versions of the game are not available anymore in the markets, but you can find them, for example, on E-bay, but the prices can come up to $100-200, some even for more than $450.

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