Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services – Best Cloud Storage Platforms

So far, everybody knows that Cloud platforms can be used for storing important data and accessing the information from any device, anytime, anywhere. Even though users have several platforms to choose from, each of them offers mainly the same types of services. However, the difference comes from quality, price and options.

If we get into the technical comparison we can find out more about each way to store our data online. We can start thinking about the one that better suits our needs once we analyse the features of the four major Cloud platforms on the market.

Google Cloud Platform

Many users consider Google’s cloud platform similar to the companies’ search engine, easy to use and fast. Also, it is the cheapest popular storage option and provides users with the most efficient, impressive and fast infrastructure. Google is extremely careful with security measures as it’s heading towards international data storage and transfer.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon leads the public cloud market. Even if it’s not accessible in many regions, they offer the largest market share and this makes a great difference. Their biggest advantage is given by the fact that their technical specifications are suitable even with the needs of streaming giants and this leads Netflix into using Amazon’s cloud. The community around all this successfully contributes to developing the platform.

IBM Cloud

It has competitive technical features, but the smallest community. Partnerships with Nordics could be a boost for their social media channels. Also, it will increase IBM’s capacity to store data, making the platform more popular.

Microsoft Azure

During the last year Azure announced that now they have the possibility to cover the data storage needs of many new regions. Even if they can’t be considered the largest vendor, they most certainly are the one which holds most regions. However, technical specifications show that Azure’s performance is not as high as the other platforms’ but Microsoft is doing its best to keep it competitive.

These are the most popular options in 2018. We have mentioned only some general ideas on each and if you want more information, start a thorough research before choosing a cloud storage platform.

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