Pokemon Go’s Dortmund Safari Zone: What We Know so Far

Right now, three significant events are happening for Pokemon Go. Among them is the Safari Zone in Dortmund, in Germany, which is by far the most popular one. It caught so well with the people, that it crashed the game.

Our advice is not to use the Incence, because it can cause the crash, and you won’t be able to enter the game or play.

Global Research Challenge

This new event is a big part of the Global Research Challenge, a challenge where gamers are asked to do things. The exciting thing is that they have to do it locally, at the very events, and in the whole world to unlock different prizes.

Asia-Pacific and Dortmund already did their part. There’s still those who are in the Safari Zone – there are 50,000 of tasks, which can unlock 3x catch XP globally. Let’s give a round of applause for  Asia, which did about 5 million tasks, which gave them luck eggs that last for one hour.

Let’s see what America can do. We have to do 5 million tasks, and the game has 145 million active players, so how hard can it be? Let’s not forget that Asia hit this goal in half of the hour. So, if we are to do some math, if even less than 5% does its task, globally, we could make it. If America also reaches its goal, it’s going to get hatch XP. If Africa and Europe do it, too, that means bonus raid XP.

But what’s the reason behind all of this? Rumor has it, there will be a vast unlock on the 7th of July, one that Nintendo has talked about, even if the gamers did not reach the goal just yet. From what they’re saying, the return of Articuno is the big prize, and it will last for 3 hours. During these 3 hours, Articuno will be the one to have a chance to shine finally.

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