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Charles Hoskinson Announces New Cardano (ADA) Wallet

For those who don’t know, Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Caradano and leader of IOHK. The cryptocurrency expert has a massive Twitter following because he is known to announce important information over the social media platform and this is exactly what he did a couple of hours ago. Charles Hoskinson announced that a brand-new crypto wallet is going to launch during the upcoming future and that it will be complementary to the Deadalus wallet.

Charles Hoskinson Announces New Wallet

“Now for that promised end of month ANN. A new wallet is coming soon to the Cardano ecosystem. It’s really exciting and complimentary to Daedalus. I think people are really going to like it. Details coming in August” said Charles Hoskinson over his official “IOHK_Charles” Twitter account. The news is exciting, but unfortunately, we will have to wait until August in order to find out additional details.

The Daedalus Wallet

The Daedalus wallet has been made available back in January and it had its fair share of bugs. Luckily, the IOHK community moved fast and took care of the wallet’s bugs and issues and this made it a fan favorite in the crypto community.

However, the IOHK team later decided to extract all the IPC (inter-Process Communication) logic of the wallet between main and rendering process to a new layer. The reason why the IOHK team did that is because they wanted to simply the code to make it easier for developers to create improvements and advancements.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is currently sitting on the 8th place in the cryptocurrency market and the total market capitalization is valued at $3.54 billion. Moreover, the ADA token is priced at $0.136 and the price is always susceptible to change since the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile.

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