Is Grand Theft Auto 6 Projected for 2022?

The long-awaited game won the hearts and minds of a generation and maybe to the next. Rockstar prepares to launch the new GTA 6 and the fans burst into joy. GTA San Andreas was until now the favorite version from the famous video game producer and a suite of rumors surrounding him.

Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement

The old version of GTA is up in years and new project game GTA6 is on the wish list. The launch of it is a question of time. But fans are restless and Rockstar are quiet as a church mouse when it comes to official announcements.

Seems like the releasing of Red Dead Redemption 2 in October is the center of attention. News about GTA 6 are not showing up and looks like it needs additional years. Fans are in a tense but it will be well worth the wait. Getting down to the facts, GTA 5 accumulated more than 10 billion revenue and sold over 90 million copies. So they prepare the way to a huge success. It has also very busy putting an effort in the online mode of Grand Theft Auto 5. And was predicted to update it for the following years.

GTA 6 Major locations and secret agenda

A little bird whispered the production started in 2016 and will appear for the public in 2022. This would be the longest gap between GTA titles ever. The possible locations are Chicago, 70s Vegas, Mexico and on the list was also Tokyo. But by reason of their cultural issues and complicated road system, the plan was laid aside. The rumors was sustained also by a famous Youtube channel ‘The Know,’ that told the locations will be South America and Vice City. But there is no official date of which it could be released.

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