Ripple (XRP) Supported On Wirex App After The Latest Update

The Wirex App, a cryptocurrency-friendly accounts service provider, as they describe themselves, will add support for Ripple (XRP) to their app in the coming days.

Wirex is a platform that provides cryptocurrency wallets that are connected to physical and virtual debit cards, crypto exchange, as well as fiat money buying and payment solutions. As of 2017, Wirex platform has 900,000 customers in more than 130 countries. Overall, Wirex focuses on combining the global acceptance of traditional payment systems with the speed and cost-effectiveness of cryptocurrency.

Wirex App features

Among the features that Wirex has, noteworthy are the following:

  • Cryptocurrency wallets and fiat money accounts are on a single platform;
  • Money transfers are free;
  • Multi-currency exchange possibility using GBP, USD, EUR, and crypto;
  • Deposits and withdrawals between local banks are accepted;
  • Mobile and desktop access;
  • International deposit;
  • Wirex Wallet supports more than 50 currencies;

Wirex cryptocurrency-friendly accounts come with a specific account number and ranking code located in dozens of countries worldwide. Deposit transfers are made using SWIFT and IBAN from the UK.

Opening a Wirex account allows users to use a virtual payment card to make online payments using cryptocurrencies, and the UK Financial Authority also regulates the platform which also provides maximum security features.

Wirex App to add Ripple (XRP) soon

Wirex also has a cryptocurrency wallet functionality that allows users to purchase cryptos directly from their account or the stock market. These wallets are secured using Multi Signature technology, SSL encryption, and 2FA in both desktop and mobile variants. The Wirex Wallet supports more than 50 currencies.

Now, Ripple (XRP) got on Wirex platform.

We improve the Wirex application, making it faster and easier to use. To update the app, all mobile users will be automatically signed out of their accounts on Tuesday, July 3rd. To sign in again, they need to update the app from the App Store or Google Play. The update provides Ripple (XRP) wallet, faster application speed, and improved productivity.

Wirex team

At the time of this article, Ripple (XRP) is trading at $0.494, registering an appreciation of about 3.5%. Ripple (XRP) is currently ranking on the 3rd position in the cryptocurrencies market, with a market cap of approximately $19.4 billion.

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