Opera Mini Download Available for Android with Fixed Issues

Recently, the Opera Touch browser for Android has been through some updates that made users wonder what will follow. Nobody expected to see anything else happening soon in this area, but despite all odds the company decided to update another browser from its ”family”.

This time, Opera Mini comes under the spotlight. It looks like the update can be found live in the Google Play Store having the app version 35.1.2254.128344. Unlike previous occasions, this new and updated Android version of Opera Mini comes with major bug fixes. The improvements were necessary, since many users were experiencing this type of problems.

What are the changes within the update

Opera Mini for Android is one of those browsers that gives you unlimited access to the internet. Even if you don’t have to worry about hitting any limit, when you visit more websites than the browser can support, the pages can be severely compressed.

In this case, your experience is less user-friendly than it should. The developers intended to solve this problem, so now a top-notch setting has been added to the browser. Thanks to it, you can save some data without breaking or compressing websites during the process.

In addition, the freshly updated version of Opera Mini for Android comes with improved download functionality and other minor helpful settings. Next, we will summarize the most important changelogs.

  • Several stability and performance issues have been fixed;
  • Issues leading to connection and images in extreme compression mode have been fixed as well;
  • They have added a top-notch saving mode that gives the user a full web experience;
  • Users will notice other improvements as well

These are only a part of the improvements brought by the latest update within the Opera Mini for Android. Others are waiting to be discovered, so download the version and see how it works.

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