VidMate for iPhone and iPad – How to Install VidMate

VidMate is an awesome app that makes it possible for people to watch online videos without needing to connect their smartphones to a Wi-Fi network or to use mobile data. While this might sound like an impossible task, VidMate does it by allowing people to download videos from every possible website.

Considering that VidMate gives people the ability to download online videos, it should come as no surprise that VidMate is highly popular in the Android community. However, the app has been recently made available for iPhone and iPad owners as well! With that said, today we are going to present a guide on how to install VidMate on iOS and the app’s highlight features.

How Install VidMate on iOS

Even though the app was not initially available for iOS fans, the developers have decided to create a special iPhone and iPad version of VidMate. Therefore, iPhone and iPad owners who want to be able to download online videos need head over to the official App Store and search for “VidMate”.

The cool thing about installing VidMate on iOS is that it’s super simple and anyone can do it! After finding VidMate on the App Store, the only thing that iPhone and iPad owners need to do is to click on the “Install” button.

Download High Quality Videos on iOS

As we already mentioned, VidMate’s most important feature is being able to download online videos. iPhone and iPad owners should be happy to know that while the process of downloading online videos from websites that don’t allow this sounds complicated, VidMate makes sure that it isn’t.

Users can search for their favorite online videos directly through VidMate’s UI (user interface) and click on the “Download” button. Moreover, users can also copy the URL address of the video they want to download and paste it in the app’s UI.

By Henry R. Lares

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