Augur MainNet And Aeternity MainNet Will Launch In The Upcoming Weeks

The making of Initial Currency Offers (ICOs) has been the way to operate for some of the scammers who have taken the money from the users and have not carried out the proposed projects. However, this is not the general rule, so some initiatives have moved forward with their plans, such as Augur (REP) and Aeternity (AE), which are close to launching their main networks (MainNet).

Augur (REP) MainNet will launch on July 9th

Augur is a platform dedicated to market forecasting. The Augur tokens (REP), in ERC20 format, were created on Ethereum blockchain. The migration of Augur (REP) to the Augur MainNet will take place on July 9th.

As part of the network error detection program, the team behind this initiative is awarding a $100,000 reward to programmers who find significant bugs.

The ICO of Augur was held in 2015 and raised about $5 million.

However, the launch of the Augur MainNet, as disseminated on social networks, has not received much attention from crypto assets due to the loss of interest in this cryptocurrency, lately.

Currently, Augur (REP) has a market capitalization of $392 million and a value of $35 per token. Its highest price was recorded in January of this year when it was worth about $107, and in recent days has had an upward trend.

Aeternity (AE) MainNet will be activated in August

Aeternity (AE), for its part, is designed to create smart and scalable contracts “interacting with information in real time,” as indicated in its White Paper. In September last year, the round of funding for this project, which raised about $37 million, was completed and the ERC20 AE tokens were distributed to users. These tokens were also created on Ethereum blockchain.

Aeternity MainNet will be activated in August of this year, while the Aeternity (AE) tokens in ERC20 format can only be used until September 19th, 2019, so users must change all of them to the new AE cryptocurrency until then.

Aeternity (AE) is currently quoted at $2.54, but its market capitalization is higher than that of Augur (REP), with about $502 million. In May, Aeternity (AE) reached its historical maximum at $5 per token.

The successful implementation of Augur MainNet and Aeternity MainNet will encourage the cryptocurrencies market and the Initial Coin Offers (ICOs), which, only by mid-2018, have already raised more money than in previous years, despite the stricter cryptocurrency regulations.

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