Tron (TRX) to Exchange Test Deposits

It’s a known fact that the new TRX withdrawals are coming slowly and cautiously, but the principal exchanges are beginning to put their wallets to test for the new benefit.

Is TRON actually safe?

Everyone thinks that the TRON (or TRX) network is stable and safe and there are some people who are putting it to the test when it comes to the deposits or withdrawals. But to be fair, the process is going slow and it’s been said that there are some indications that people often confuse the two sets of addresses. It’s good to keep in mind that the TRX digital asset, the one that existed on the Ethereum network, is not well-matched with the new tokens from the Tron’s mainnet.

A message has circulated, saying that the TRON mainnet upgrade was completed. It also said that deposit service would be available from the date of 4th of July, at 6 PM (GMT+8). However, the withdrawal service was disabled. They asked their readers to sit tight and wait for the next updates.

Thanks to OKEx, deposits and withdrawals were resumed

Good news is that OKEx resumed the deposits and withdrawals for the new network. However, Binance postponed the TRX deposit and withdrawal services, after they’ve encountered issues when it came to rogue trades in some coins, such as Syscoin (SYS).

People have started to notice that the movement of the TRX coins has been slow for a few days, with only a few transactions. When talking about the present, the transactions have increased to thousands per day, but it cannot be really compared with the activity from the Ethereum network. But the activity is expected to increase, now that we can have a discussion about the use cases for TRX and the inclusion of spread apps.

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