WeChat’s New Line of Branded Clothing Opens the Competition with Line

Recently, WeChat announced their latest partnership. They started their collaboration with GAP aiming to launch a range of clothes branded with the WeChat logo. Although this is the apps’ first initiative of this kind, we could see more coming soon, since WeChat is planning to enlarge its marketing campaign. Other voices claim that we might even buy clothes from one of the ”WeStores” soon.

WeChat might have a new marketing strategy

Analysts say that the WeChat marketing team provided some clues connected to their future intentions during the annual WeChat Guangzhou conference from December last year. As part of the event, they released a limited edition range of branded objects: pillows, notebooks, stickers and pins.

In addition, the WeChat team registered an official account and program for a WeStore. Although nothing is official yet, this initiative supports the idea that the app is planning to release a dedicated store. If we were to trust the official account description, we would say that the WeStores will sell merchandise branded with the WeChat logo.

If the idea of a dedicated store becomes reality, the app will have to compete with products owned by the same company. Tencent has another major social network – QQ and this brand has always competed with WeChat. So far, the chart has been ruled by OQ, as their biggest advantage is that they’re dedicated to young people and, of course, everybody loves the QQ penguin.

Line promotes a different approach

On the other hand, WeChat might be willing to compete with the amazing success registered by the LINE messenger in Asia. This app has four cute characters which manage to become the central part of the brand. Now, LINE has 11 stores in China and is planning to open many more.

However, merchandise and branding have never been priorities for WeChat. Chinese people see it as it is, a tool used to make mobile payments and for work. Not many users could be interested in buying a product with their logo.

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