Android P Available Soon – Its 3rd Beta Version is Being Launched

In August 2017 Google released Android Oreo and they thought that the operating system will be their big breakthrough. However, the Oreo only managed to reach little over 5% of all devices from the market, a disappointing number in comparison with its predecessors.

Even so, it looks like Google is preparing for the future and moving towards other courageous initiatives. In this idea, is getting ready to launch the 3rd Beta version of Android P. Dave Burke, Vice president for Android engineering at Google declared that this Beta is the closest image of what the final version of P would look like.

What should we expect from Android P

Since Google froze the work on the development of Android P last month, we might conclude that the company is planning to release it this summer. If they would follow the same route as in the case of Android Oreo, most likely they will launch the new OS in late August.

This idea might stand behind the fact that Beta 3 doesn’t have any special addition. The only difference between this version and the previous ones is the tendency to test the stability of existing applications and possible ways to prevent vicious interference.

Fortunately, we have found out enough about Android P so far, so most users are ready to upgrade as soon as it appears. The new operating system will come with new emoji and gestures, better file management and audio control possibilities and it will place even more emphasis on security.

Better battery life is another point on Android P’s checklist. Google intends to address power problems by using ART enhancements. These additions will enable the applications to launch quicker and use less resources throughout the process. They also included an adaptive battery and brightness feature that lowers the amount of power used during daily use.

Other features are waiting to be discovered, so start using Android P as soon as it appears. Until then, make an idea on it by trying the 3rd Beta version.

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