New Leak about Apple’s Fast Charger will make iPhone Fans Happy

Based on some recent leaked images connected to the new iPhones, it looks like Apple will finally offer a new charger to its users, when shipping packages to those who will order new iOS smartphones. The most important thing is that this type of charger is USB-C based. We know that the latest MacBook devices already have only USB-C ports, so it’s great news that at last the company is making available the option of having a dongle-free connection. Why this change took such a long time to be implemented, we still don’t know.

Nevertheless, if the revealed images are real, we can only assume that all iPhone users are more than happy to see that the fast charger will finally be available for them in the same box that will contain their ordered phone.

New inclusion in Apple’s boxes

It was already known that Apple also has the fast charger as a product, according to news that we had back in April this year. However, it was on the market solely as an accessory. Adding this charger to the boxes will definitely be seen as good value for money.

This new addition will clearly make Apple compete with devices like OnePlus 6 or Samsung Galaxy S9 in terms of charging advancements. Such a long-awaited decision only means that the tech giant has finally understood the importance of adding this powerful charger to the retail packages.

What does the future hold?

Last year, wireless charging was introduced for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and now we are wondering when will Apple release hardware that will make fast wireless charging a possibility (by using AirPower). We did have an announcement about this at the iPhone X launch, but the desired product is still out of reach, so we might have to wait a little bit longer for more details to be revealed about this other charging option.

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