Pokémon Go Celebrates Two Years with a Summer-Styled Pikachu

Congratulation Pokemon Go for your second anniversary! We’ll always remember the 6th of July as being a special day for gamers all around the world. Lovers keep making their appearance out of nowhere day by day and we cannot be happier. And guess what – given the fact that it’s been two years since Pokemon Go was launched, there’s a small event coming out for all the lovers out there.

I think we should first mention that we do have a hat-themed Pikachu! Isn’t that enough for you to take part in it? It’s a “summer style” Pikachu, with sunglasses and even a hat made out of straw! This event will be kept alive from the 6th of July until the 31st of July and we really hope that it won’t mess up the Pokémon Go Fest spawns or even the Community Day.

What does this mean for the game?

If you have the Pikachu Fan Medal (which means you need to catch 300 Pikachu), you’ll be able to get the Pikachu fan Avatar items; even the ears are for sale. The golden medal will open all the doors available for you, but that doesn’t mean that bronze or silver badges don’t get a thing.  Don’t worry, Pikachu can also be found in eggs more, together with his sunglasses and his hat. Also, the wild is a place where Pikachu will be more common.

There were also some rumors that we’re going to see a Celebri research. But we’re more than happy to say that they’re not just rumors anymore. There will be a special Celebri research and the event will happen globally soon.

We’re not quite sure which part of Pikachu is going to be shiny, if at all, but, given the shiny party hat of Pikachu, we’re still waiting for the shiny summer Pikachu.

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