Minecraft’s Aquatic Update: How Can You Help Real Life Oceans

Everybody heard of the new update coming from Minecraft, which is called Update Aquatic. You get to make expeditions to the deep waters and you’ll get some very cool objects to make the most out of.

But here’s the thing: this object also helps the real oceans – the ones from our real world.  

Mojang was the one to post about this, explaining how this new update helps the oceans. This was all a response to climate change, pollution in the water and the fishing methods, which are destructive. They’re all slowly killing our oceans and the lives inside of it.

It happened sometime earlier this month, when the developer of the game talked about a challenge for his players. If they put 10 million coral blocks under the water, the developer would donate $100,000 to the Nature Conservancy. But only if the number was met in the game. It’s good to know that just a few days later, the requirement was met and Mojang kept his promise – he made the $100,000 donation.

Can you still help, even if the event is over?

It also appeared in a video on the internet, where it’s been shown how the developer gave a hand. Even if you’re not able to do that anymore by placing the blocks under the water, you can still help as well. If you buy the Aquatic Skin pack for Minecraft, you will help, as the money goes to Nature Conservancy. Mojang stated that he wants to support this project in the future, too, by raising awareness and attracting donations to make sure people know what’s happening to our oceans.

This update made its appearance earlier this season and it gave new items to the game, such as pressure plates, trap doors, the famous coral blocks and turtle shells.

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