Apple Fans Might not be so Impressed by the iPhones Which are Waiting to be Launched this Year

This year, the most-wanted devices are the new iPhone models. Ever since their release was announced, fans have been keeping their eyes on every source that could give them more information on the matter.

So far, 2018 wasn’t marked by any notable release on the tech market. After users were disappointed by Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung’s sales considerably dropped. Unfortunately, the trend might remain the same even after the 9th of August when Note 9 is scheduled to appear on the market.

As a result, Samsung decided to put more effort into developing their Galaxy S10 and the foldable X scheduled for launch in 2019, so they won’t seriously compete with Apple this year. In this case, Apple has the perfect scenario for turning their latest smartphones into 2018’s most important breakthroughs.

Their launch can’t even be surpassed by Google’s new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Although the phones are getting a lot of buzz online, they remain niche mobiles and they are not widely marketed or distributed. As a result, their sales have been low so far.

This year, Apple might rule the best-selling market

With all this considered, the 2018 iPhone line will be placed on the top of the best-selling list within a few weeks from its release. This September, we will be able to get our hands on three brand new iPhone models, including the plus-sized iPhone X. However, recent leaks show that Apple might receive some bad news after the launch.

It looks like the new devices might be quite boring, because they are updated versions of previous iPhone models. The plus will be given by the fact that the next-generation mobiles from Apple will be available in colours like black – Space Grey, white – Silver and gold.

In addition, the low-cost 2018 iPhone features a similar design, but its specs are less impressive. You will notice that the available colours for this device are diverse: blue, red and orange. If we add the standard Space Grey and Silver, you can imagine that developers gave us a large choice spectrum.

To sum up, we will mention that Apple didn’t add any impressive new feature to their latest smartphones. However, they have improved speed, size and one of them even has a lower price.

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