Clash of Clans Update – The Easiest Guide for Better Performance

Clash of Clans came out in force in 2013 as an Android game, and its popularity is still raising – it’s in the top trending mobile games, and it has earned its place there.

Clash of Clans represents a fantasy strategy game in which a player should build its own town and fight with other players. You need to have all the fighting going on since you’ll get resources to build a defense town – so you’ll need to fight. A lot.

You need to acquire gold, dark elixir and elixir. You’ll use the gold and the elixir to build the defense, then reload it. Defense is a very important part of the game since it’s a must to protect your town when fighting with other players. The elixir and dark elixir are used for training the troops and upgrading them from time to time and to get the spells you’ll need during your battles.

Clan stands for that part of the game when players form a team (a clan) of around 50 people. If players form a clan, it would be easier for them to attack other clans, which are probably larger and they can also share the resources. If you don’t like playing online, the game has a single-player mode, too. In this case, you won’t be attacking other players, but random goblin villages.

Clash of Clans Forum

There are on the internet some Clash of Clans forums that may come in handy. One of them is the official one, called Supercell. This site gives you different venues for your gaming requirements. In the General discussion, you can find a few threads that show the basis of the game – strategy, tactics, improvements. The whole team of developers is behind this forum, so if you have any suggestions, don’t be afraid to help.

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