iPad Pro 2018 New Features to Beat iPhone X

An incredibly popular iOS feature could possibly be featured in Apple’s iPad Pro 2018.

The iOS 12 beta

It is already an eye-catching improvement for iPad and out with a full version, iOS 12 beta is expected to be released to the public by the end of 2018.

iPad users that already have iOS 12 beta on their devices can make almost no difference between it and an iPhone X as they can navigate using similar gestures.

It is easy to use, a multitasking window can be opened by swiping up from the bottom and swiping down on the top right of the screen will enable the Control Centre.

Apple fanatics already were given a hint by these features that a redesign for the iPad pro 2018 is planned. It is expected to have a Face ID camera, no home button and bezels to be reduced.


Steve Troughton-Smith (iOS app developer) enforced the fact that a new camera system might be added because of his leaked picture on Twitter showing „AvatarKit” on the iPad as a bunch of Animojis popped on the wider display of a tablet.

For the uninformed, Animoji is the well-known software that enables the user to transfer his facial expressions onto a character that imitates them.

Without a new iPad with Face ID technology and the user being able to easily unlock the tablet, the developer allowed for assurance of a new prototype being in the plan.

New tweets from Troughton-Smith confirmed: „New in iOS 12: AvatarKit comes to iPad. Still requires a TrueDepth camera to do face tracking, though, i.e. an iPad with Face ID.”

Another iOS developer followed, Guilherme Rambo, shared a video of the tablet showing the Face ID capture interface.

Changes were needed so the Face ID menu was redesigned and fitted to suit the iPad’s larger screen and further rumours that the tablet will have a new front-facing camera system were risen.

“The Face ID setup UI is finally working on iPad.” Mr Rambo said.

Further information

Unlocking a device using their face will be allowed for multiple users giving a clue that iPad might receive an iteration of the unlocking software.

Big families will love this opportunity, as iPad allows an unlimited number of owners.

September is Apple’s month as iOS 12 will debut fully and a new iPhone model apace with a new series of iPads is expected.

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