All Xiaomi phones on Android Oreo Gets LDAC High-Quality Support

According to MyDrivers, in the future, LDAC will be suported by all Xiaomi phones running on Android Oreo.

LDAC support will be developed on Android Oreo for all Xiaomi devices and soon later it will become stable, according to the report.

If you want to test it, you only need to install a developer build.

More about LDAC

Sony has developed a lossy audio codec called LDAC in order to facilitate Bluetooth devices. It has a much higher bitrate than was previously possible with Bluetooth audio and it launched with Android Oreo as part of AOSP. For music listening, you can transfer audio data at a bitrate of 990kbps, faster than usual. Although LDAC is really only useful for lossless music streaming, it is still a cool addition to Xiaomi’s phones. Will you use it for streaming music to a Bluetooth speaker? Probably not. Will you use it when listening to lossless music on your high-end headphones? It’s possible.

LDAC does not only comes with advantages so a con would be that you need wireless technology that supports LDAC. It is not needed for most headphones, but this technology is set aside for the higher-end ones. Making a comparison with Qualcomm’s aptX, LDAC is better than it and than aptX HD. HD ups the regular aptX that tops out at around a 352 kbps bitrate, to 576kbps. What aptX has over LDAC is low latency, a detail that does make a difference.

Are you a regular music listener? Then, neither of these options matter. Most files you listen to, usually top out at a bitrate of 320kbps, such as mp3 files. As any CD rips that you take yourself and convert to FLAC will likely not exceed 920kbps, FLAC is where this particular technology shines through. Audiophiles, this is a great addition for you, but it will not bring any other benefit to the others. Even though they do not have to, it is surprising to see Xiaomi pulling features from AOSP.

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