Clash of Clans Doesn’t Work: Best Fixes When It Crashes

Clash of Clans is a very popular game. However, there are some users who have complained about it: their phone crashes or the game simply doesn’t load. Here’s what you should do in these cases.

Follow basic measures

For this one, try to consider re-installing the game, or simply restarting your phone. If this does not solve the problem, then log out of your Facebook and Google account, then log back in. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to check the Time and Date settings or the Time Zone Settings to see if they’re correct.

Check your internet connection

The game might not load because you don’t have a good internet connection. It’s good to check it from time to time. If your Wi-Fi does not work, then switch to your data connection and play the game.

Clear cache and the data of the game

These cases usually occur after an update. It might be because of the cache. You can try to clear the old cache and data, and the game might run as usual. To clear cache, you need to go to the Settings Menu, then go to Application Manager. Now, you need to swipe right to go to All Tabs, then scroll down and look for the game. At this point, you have to click on it, then click on the Clear Cache button and the Clear Data button.

Make the most out of RAM resources

Clash of Clans is a very big game, so it needs all the resources it can get. Try to stop all the background processes and the running apps, then give the game another shot.

Make sure there are no blocked ports

If the internet you’re using comes from a public network, such as the one you have at school or office, your network might block the game, hence the loading issues. What you should do is to filter out the network, then give it another try.

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