Following Trump’s Space Force Decision – The Idea of Having a Space Guard Appeals to People

A recent declaration made by Trump states that there will be a reorganization of the space mission into a separate Space Force. This would be the sixth branch of the armed forces. However, if any major changes are to be made to the space mission, which is now entrusted mainly to the Air Force, then an act of Congress will be required.

According to what we know so far, it looks like Trump would like to have a stand-alone branch of the military, in order to make sure that both Russia and China will be discouraged from threatening America’s dependence on space technologies for commerce and defense. Like this, the idea of a Space Guard is born. The concept of a Space Guard is mostly molded on that of a Coast Guard, with the obvious difference that the former one would be used to “guard” the space.

Having a Space Guard could be good for managing future space activities internationally

It seems that this idea is slowly starting to make people wonder how it would be like to have such a system in place. Military strategists are thinking about how the existence of a Space Guard would impact a possible civilian space economy. The military may not be suited to handle private space stations and tourism. Apart from this, people from the Trump administration are also giving some thought to the idea. A former Trump adviser, who did not want for his name to be revealed, stated that there are many individuals who approve of the idea of having a U.S. Space Guard, and he thinks that something like this would be good for international matters, as decisions taken only by the military may not always be satisfactory.

It does look like a considerable amount of people believe that a Space Guard could bring a lot of benefits, while taking away some of the power from the military, which is designed for war. Such a new system could concentrate on being mostly a regulatory and law enforcement part of the government. Whether or not this would really be a good idea, it remains to be seen.

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