The Turbodl Vidmate Tubemate Pro Available with Pros and Cons

Turbodl Vidmate Tubemate Pro is a free app that allows you to save videos, watch videos offline, lock secret videos with a passcode and transfer videos via Wi-Fi network, that is compatible with iOS 10.3 or later. You can run it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

What it does

As said, Turbodl Vidmate Tubemate Pro is an app that helps you save videos from your sources, then you can watch them offline on your iPhone.

Especially, you are able to lock or hide secret videos from others by Passcode and Touch ID so it protects your privacy by providing you with this option.

Now you can save and import all your music videos, movies or other videos from Dropbox, Google Drive, Cloud Drive into one place in your phone, and enjoy watching them when you are on the go or even when you are offline with the app working as a Video Saver for Cloud services.

Additionally, if you want to transfer some videos from your laptop or computer into your iPhone via Wi-Fi network, this app will do this for you as well.

ReviewsPros and Cons

As any app on the App Store, Turbodl Vidmate Tubemate Pro comes with its advantages and disadvantage. One important advantage is that this app helps you multitask as it is not created to do just on task. Also it gives you the security of locking your special videos from anyone that would take your phone.

As said, users are not only satisfied with this app as it also has its downs such as: being able to download only one file at a time without leaving the app and the download indicator covers the video not allowing the viewer to see it while is being downloaded.

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