2018’s budget iPhone: iPhone 9 vs. iPhone SE2

iPhone SE2 is eagerly awaited by tech lovers on a budget and can even overcome the actual iPhone SE. They have been waiting since the release of its predecessor in March 2016. It is still up in the air however it will be named.

iPhone SE 2 features that are downgraded

A confirmation that the iPhone SE2 will be getting only a single rear camera was stated by a trusted leaks deliverer and case maker, Ghostek. Unfortunately, Forbes says it is a downgrade considering iPhone X’s dual cam, but it still excites buyers looking for a cheaper iPhone, whatever its drawback. The price is said to start from 400$.

It is also reported that the OLED screen will not be a feature of iPhone 9.  Furthermore, there will be no 3D touch functionality but an LCD screen. As a compensation, free wire charging is introduced.

Express says that the current iPhone design is supposed to remain the same opposing iPhone X’s bezel-less structure and the possible integration of Face ID is not in the plan.

A view of the soon to be released iPhone SE2

Mr. Miller said: “Apple committed WWDC that the last five generation of devices will support iOS 12 and a new iPhone SE would support that as well. However, there are going to be compromises around screen size, camera performance and memory configuration (note the current SE only supports 32GB and 128GB versus the 64GB and 256 GB on the iPhone X).”

The iPhone SE 2 release is uncertain

The unknown date of SE 2’s publication is a drawback but earlier this year, announcing it in the Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 was expected of Apple. Different opinions about the release date are stated by multiple sources.

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