A Fan Made Reboot of Half-Life 3 Has Been Presented Recently

Half-Life is one of the most successful franchises from the gaming market nowadays. The first 2 parts or the game were incredibly successful due to its emerging character and interesting storyline. Now, the 3rd part of the story is waiting to be written, but so far, no news was confirmed on the matter, so we weren’t sure if Half-Line will surprise us again.

However, it looks like the 3rd part of the game might still be released. The storyline was revealed by Marc Laidlaw, an author with previous experience as scriptwriter for the Valve Corporation. His initiative was welcomed by fans who rushed into providing everyone with news regarding Half-Life 3.

Even so, after the storyline was made public on Laidlaw’s blog, some gamers had negative reactions, saying that they don’t like it. Meanwhile, the majority couldn’t wait to play the new game and see how the scenario would impact it, because they were left with the impression that the idea is really good. Unfortunately, everybody was disappointed by the fact that Half-Life 3 never happened.

Fans were tired of waiting, so they developed a Half-Life 3 Project

Months went by and nothing happened, so Half-Life fans have taken the matter into their own hands. Thus, the speculated plot became a real game which received the name of Project Borealis. The group who worked on it seems to consider their project serious and not an activity performed just-for-fun project. It couldn’t be otherwise since the group is currently using tools like Unreal Engine for their work.

All the fans’ efforts and the quality within the final product were presented in a video which showcases an intense process. Although we are talking about a reboot, the storyline, textures and environments leave us under the impression that we are playing the original game.

If we add the awesome graphics visuals and its surprising weapon styles we can understand why the reboot is a guaranteed success. However, we are still hoping to see the real version of Half-Life 3 and maybe all these efforts will convince developers to take measures for ending the long wait.

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