Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Community Feedback – The Pros and Cons

The latest update for Clash of Clans introduced TH12 (Town Hall 12) that came with lots of new features, troops and special mechanics. Supercell who is the game’s developer puts a high price on what players have to say about its latest updates and from the looks of it, the feedback regarding TH12 is great!

Town Hall 12 Community Feedback

A veteran player recently started a thread on the Clash of Clans official Forum where he listed everything there is to know about TH12 and the features that it introduced. Today we are going to summarize the thread in order to give Clash of Clans fans an idea of what the community thinks about the latest update and how it impacts the current game.

Town Hall 12

Right from the start, the veteran player who started the thread is saying that TH12 is a great addition to the game. The previous TH11 update introduced Eagle artillery which added a new mechanic to the game and gave players new methods of defeating their foes. Luckily, this is exactly what TH12 does with siege machines and the electro dragon.

Siege Machines

One of the most interesting features to be added in TH12 are siege machines. These devices are really cool because they give players a way to funnel their troops into the enemy’s base. However, the veteran player did say that the cost and training time for siege machines is too high. Waiting 20 minutes for a single siege machine is unacceptable and Supercell should consider changing this.

Electro Dragon

Even though dragons are awesome, the Clash of Clans community has shared opinions about the latest electro dragon. Some people love it because it does lots of damage, but others hate it because it moves way too slow. This is another aspect of TH 12 that Supercell is expected to tweak in a future update.

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