Google Pixel 3 Latest Leaks on Release Date and Features

The most awaited smartphone of the year: Google Pixel 3.

Public expects significant improvements that exceed the previous models.

Last Months leaks for Googe Pixel 3

A lot of rumors about this device had spread during June, but neither are confirmed to be actual information, stories that increased the public’s excitement.

Seven of these rumors are:

  1. Becoming a third “mid-range” model

According to Forbes’ report, a third model of Pixel 3 being developed shook the news. If your wallets are not ready, Google is said to come up with a more affordable model along with the XL and main model. The chipset will be a Snapdragon 710 one, so it will be the strongest of most mid-range phones.

  1. The notch is deep

Buyers will benefit from a deeper groove according to leaked Pixel 3 prototypes so that it will have a smaller bezel => bigger battery.

  1. Missing headphone jack

The Verge reports that the leaked pictures do not show a headphone jack which might be substituted for wireless ones.

  1. Back to Active Edge

Active Edge is one of the best features of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL which enables users to activate Google Assistant by squeezing their phone (statement by Forbes.)

  1. Better design

Pixel 3 will be designed to feature a notch, stereo speakers, and a chin while reincorporating a glass back. A dual camera is expected but might come with future smartphones.

  1. Wireless charging

Those who miss Google’s wireless charging will probably have them again thanks to Pixel 3’s glass back.

  1. Possible release date

Because of recent development debut, the Pixel 3 is not expected to be released this October but maybe in the second quarter of 2019, so stay tuned for more!

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