Microsoft Surface Book 3 Release Date Leaks along with New Features

Everybody knows that high-end laptops are famous for their huge cost. It looks like Microsoft thought about giving fans the possibility to use a top-notch device at a decent price. Ever since it appeared, the Surface Book has evolved with every new release, so now, when the 3rd version is on its way, everybody is wondering what will it bring.

Rumours say that the new laptop will reach a better performance than the Surface Book 2. For example, it is said that the device will come with 2 versions – 15- and 16-inch models with 16:9 4K display. Also, it will be provided with a Skylake-E Core i9 chip.

The Surface Book 3 will come with amazing new features

Like in other cases, Microsoft is planning to set the standards high, so the Surface Book 3 will follow this trend. Firstly, the Intel processor is one from the latest generation. The GPUs might be from Nvidia or AMD. In addition, it will be able to handle updated versions of VR and AR headsets. Experts say that at least one USB-C port which can support Thunderbolt 3 will be added.

Most likely, the present display won’t see a lot of modifications, because they are quite appreciated by users. The 3:2 aspect ratio defines the Surface devices, so we won’t see a lot of changes in this area, although some people claim that full 4K resolution is a must.

What do we know about Surface Book 3’s release date?

Microsoft is not one of those giants which want to launch products just to have a new release every year. Based on what we know so far, the most reasonable assumption would be that the Surface Book 3 might be launched in late 2019.

If you want to start saving money, you should know that you’ll need over $1000 to buy the basic model. Depending on your preferences, the price can exceed $2000.

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