Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Images Suggest that it Looks Similar to Note 8

A supposedly official render of the future flagship phablet Note 8 has been posted by Android Headlines. Offered by what was deemed as a ‘’highly credible source’’ the render, believed to be official is underwhelming. It features no hints regarding software, so the hope that Samsung will see the light and drop its customizations in favor of stock Android.

It also lacks details in regards to the position of the fingerprint sensor, previously uncomfortably placed on the side of the camera. The design seems to follow The Samsung Galaxy S9, with the Infinity Display as the major focus of the device, and limited bezels on the top and bottom. The power, volume and Bixby buttons maintain the exact position they had on Note 8, the stylus pocket seems harder to notice.

On the hardware side, Note 9 seems to sport no obvious upgrade from its predecessor. The iris scanner, front camera, sensors and earpiece seem to be in the exact same position. Just as the Samsung Galaxy S9 was a disguised S8 with a more advanced camera, Note 9 seems to be almost a clone.

Samsung seems to get back to the old habit of releasing 2 or three generations of identical looking devices with modest upgrades. While the camera on the S9 was revolutionary, Huawei upped the ante with the release of the P20 and its three cameras. The P20 also features a 24 MP camera in comparison to the meager 8 MP used by the competition.

While only rumors circulate for now, it remains to be seen how the flagship phablet will actually look like. Certain modifications are possible and we may even consider the fact the render may have been leaked in order to make the revealed device a surprise.

Samsung plans to reveal the Note 9 on August 9th.


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