Microsoft Surface Phone and the Andromeda Project According to Azure Video

Azure Demo Video Hints Andromeda Project Isn’t Gone

It is generally thought that Microsoft Surface Phone and the Andromeda Project has already been canceled, but it does not seem to be the case. Microsoft’s venture still exists according to a demo video that was made about the Azure mobile apps which hints it.

What is rumored?

Redmond-based tech giant’s foldable handset (Surface Phone and the Andromeda OS) appears to be postponed if SlashGear is right. Although this demo video has little to nothing to do with Andromeda, the possibility of the project existing is hinted by it.

Microsoft fans, this is good news for you, but you should be skeptic about the next information. The video mistakenly shows a few network-connected tests that have “Andromeda” in their name and it around the Azure mobile applications. It is still unconfirmed whether that states the much-rumored Andromeda or not indeed.


In addition to this, there is a detail that needs to be said. It is not the first time when Andromeda aks Surface Phone has been utilized in the tech industry. However, this moniker was has been recently used to show Microsoft’s foldable handset along with a custom Windows 10 experience also introduced to the Microsoft Surface Phone. Taking into consideration what has been named Windows Core, Microsoft’s new modular CShell will be used by Andromeda because it would be contingent on the layout or the context of the handset.

In conclusion

Andromeda OS was also found guilty for the indefinite postponement of the Microsoft Surface Phone. The following Windows 10 upgrade had some parts of it, but it was not all set prime time as felt by Microsoft executives.

As an equivalent, Surface Go was launched, and it seems to be enjoyed by the tech lovers all over the world, so it was successful.

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