A ‘Final Fantasy XV’ PC Guide: Chapter 14- How to Unlock Regalia Type-D

Regalia, the most popular vehicle of the game can be accessed towards the game’s tail end of its story, and it surprised a lot of players. In Final Fantasy XV PC and Royal Edition’s Chapter 14 you can access the off-road counterpart of Regalia, the Regalia Type-D.

Access the Regalia in Chapter 14

Even though the Regalia can be used in almost all chapters of Final Fantasy XV, Chapter 14 is an exception.  In this Chapter, Noctis traverse his expense by foot along with his comrades. This is an effect to the Chapter 14 being so unique. In spite of this, you can somehow put your hands on the Regalia — specifically, the Regalia Type-D — in Chapter 14.

Follow this step by step:

  1. make sure that you have already accomplished all of the Regalia sidequests
  2. seek Talcott (can be found in the Glaive Base)
  3. accomplishing the quest given by Talcott
  4. then you receive a key to a garage which contains the Regalia Type-D Replica.

If you want to access Regalia Type-D in Chapter 14, load a save game from Chapter 15 first. After that, you must make use of Umbra to travel back in time to Hammerhead and the Glaive Base.

Other News about Final Fantasy XV

Side by side with the recent release of Final Fantasy XV PC and its Royal Edition, future DLCs will be available to be downloaded. An Episode Ardyn is already in the fan’s horizon, and it will focus on the character above. He will have a side in the Final Fantasy XV story where the line of his history with the Lucis Caelum will be continued.

Furthermore, new plans for the DLC episodes were released by Square Enix that might be shown to the public sometime in 2019.

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