Clash Royale Ladder Issues – Here’s How to Improve Match Making

One of the main reasons why Clash Royale has managed to remain a popular game over the years is because of the competitive ladder. This feature gives players a reason to keep coming back and fight against other players. Nonetheless, what better way to brag to your friends than to show off a high ladder position?

Clash Royale Ladder Issue

Even though the competitive ladder might be one of the game’s best features, there are still lots of issues with it. If we take a look at the official Clash Royale forum we are going to see hundreds of threads where fans complain about how broken the ladder is. In fact, one forum user puts the issue like this: “People are losing interest in playing ladder and always complain about bad match making”.

Bad Match Making

Don’t you hate it when you want to give the ladder a try and then get placed with a far superior player? This is bad matchmaking and it ruins the competitive scene to Clash Royale. However, today we are going to present a couple of solutions that will help Supercell get rid of all the issues regarding the ladder.

Improving King Level

The best way to improve the matchmaking in the Clash Royale ladder is to make some changes to the King Level. Let’s say for example players need to gain Experience Points to increase their King Level, but those experience points come only after upgrading cards, wouldn’t this give players more incentive to fight in the ladder?

Another great change that Supercell needs to consider introducing is to make all matchmaking based on King Level. Therefore, a player that has a King Level of 9 will not fight another player that has the King Level 1 because that match would be unfair.

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