How To Face Most Common Clash Royale Problems

This guide is going to introduce you to the most common problems you face during your playing session in Clash Royale and how to avoid them. Problems are usually appearing because of monthly updates, especially after 2018’s May and June updates.

The developers at Supercell are monthly adding new features, balancing gameplay and addressing issues, touch that keep the game evolving. However, it is also the cause of the problem we have ascertained lately.

Clash Royale creates ascending complaints from Apple users in 2018, side by side with older LG phones and Samsung users. Bugs are the main subject of the criticism found on old forums and Reddit. Such bugs are missing quests, game freezes, unable to update, Clan war problems and many more. What affected players the most was the battery drain bug from April’s update.


Do you have any issues while playing Clash Royale? Some users continuously have WiFi drop, can’t watch replays or see the friends list, no matter how good their internet connection is. In addition to this, there are dropouts during the new Clan Wars and quest are not correctly working.

Most of the people report the game freezing or having a lot of bugs along with other small things. They are usually fixed within a period of a few days by the developer. In addition to this, Supercell affirmed that the next release would cause a lot of problems for players with older devices because of the implementation of the significant change.

How to fix the problems

You are not the only one getting annoyed by Clash Royale draining your battery or not even starting, so here are some tips.

  • Physically close Clash Royale by using the multitasking button on iPhone or Android,
  • Restart it or toggle airplane mode on and back off
  • Re-enter your WiFi password

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